Tax practice

We provide our clients with the following services:


  • Consulting on issues of taxation;
  • Assessment of transactions tax consequences;
  • Due diligence in the field of tax accounting;
  • Consulting on tax reporting, preparation of tax returns for individuals and legal entities in Russia and other jurisdictions;
  • Consulting on issues related to the legislation on controlled foreign companies (CFC);
  • Consulting on transfer pricing issues;
  • Preparation of documents and consultation on confirmation of the right to apply the 0% VAT rate;
  • Support of investment partnerships registration with tax authorities;
  • Support of clients within the framework of tax audits;
  • Assessment of prospects of tax disputes and advising on issues related to participation in them;
  • Representation of clients in courts of all levels in cases of tax disputes;
  • Appeal of decisions on liability of a taxpayer.